Social just got sociable…                Events are back trending

Social just got sociable…          Events are back trending

  posted on   |    written by Maeve Governey

It was a happy coincidence for brands and marketing when the recession coincided with the rise of social media. With marketing budgets slashed, it meant that brands could continue to communicate cheaply and effectively through social channels. As a new media, social provided plenty of scope for innovation, fun, inspiration and education around brands with competitions providing the reward element. 

But time has moved on, the recession is over and consumers are, once again, demanding more from brands. With food brands in particular, we’ve seen a huge step change in how we’re communicating with consumers. In fact, we’ve come full circle in the past ten years!  Consumers are looking for brand engagement on a real level. They want to touch it, feel it and taste it. But most of all they want to enjoy it their way.  That means that customisation is king and that the live PR event is in centre stage.

We’ve recently worked on a number of events that have provided this sort of innovative, direct engagement with the consumer. The Flahavan’s #OfficeOats Café at the WeWork offices on Harcourt Street, Dublin attracted 2000 consumers to enjoy a Flahavan’s Oats breakfast their way. The launch of Avonmore Balance is another example of clever consumer engagement. We challenged Dubliners to test their balance by crossing a balance beam placed over a 3D, illustrated 40 foot crater in the ground. This sort of on-street activation is great for encouraging people to engage in a personal way with the brand and offers the brand great rewards. And in this case, they engaged in their droves by sharing fun, branded pics of their balance attempts widely on social.

More and more we’ve been providing end-to-end support and delivery of these types of activations to our FMCG clients.  This requires continually seeking ways to innovate and keep our ideas fresh.  It also means that we’ve come have come full circle in our approach to providing communications solutions for our consumer clients. The PR event is now the hero and social media, the medium that fuels it.


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