Getting Social With… James Kavanagh

Getting Social With… James Kavanagh

  posted on   |    written by Caroline Heywood

Our work often sees us rubbing shoulders with all kinds of exciting folks, from influencers to medical experts...

"Getting social with" is a new addition to the Walsh:PR blog, where we get to turn the tables and become journalists ourselves by sitting down with a familiar face to talk all things social!

This month we had the pleasure of working with ‘Ireland’s Snapchat King’ James Kavanagh. Last year James left his day job to become a full-time influencer and launch Currabinny food company with his boyfriend William - he hasn’t looked back since!

PS. We now love him as much as he loves Princess Diana and frozen Wispa bars!


Vital stats:

90,000 followers across Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram.

How do you like your news in the morning?

Facebook timeline.

Broadsheet or tabloid?

Tabloid during the week, broadsheet on a Sunday. 

Laptop, smartphone or tablet?


Favourite social media channel?


To tweet or not to tweet?


What’s the story... Instagram or Snapchat?


No coffee table is complete without a copy of….

An interiors magazine.

‘Like’ -what are your favourite things on/about social media?

Funny videos.

‘Dislike’ - pet peeves on social media?

Cringe motto memes like 'live, laugh, love' etc. 

What trend do you see taking off in your industry/social media over the next 12 months?

Almost everyone will have a taste of social media fame. Everyone's getting into it. 

What will your Facebook status read in 5 years' time?

I own something that belonged to Princess Diana! 

And most importantly.... most used emoji?

Cry laugh .


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