A crisis like no other

Written by Walsh:PR - June 2020

Early last month our chairman Jim Walsh was interviewed for Mediascope on Dublin radio station, DublinCityFM. 

For almost 30 minutes Jim and presenter Ellen Gunning discussed a range of PR and communication topics arising from Covid-19 in Ireland and around the world.

Their discussion was wide reaching and included:

  • the difference between communicating in a pandemic as distinct from the many other types of crises that organisations are prepared for;
  • the importance of early involvement of professional and independent advice in shaping messages;
  • the need for truth and honesty;
  • how the focus for most businesses at first was on operations rather than communications;
  • how well Ireland dealt with Covid-19 and how well the Government and medical/scientific leaders communicated information;  
  • what organisations caught the mood of the time;
  • and how PR partners in the IPREX global communications platform collaborated and shared learnings.

When asked by Ellen what would be his three key tips for organisations recovering from the Covid-19 restrictions, Jim advised communication with staff; communication with customers and getting involved in community and stakeholders activities and programmes that bring people together.

Ellen summed up the conversation by saying that it was clear that communications was going to be front and centre for many companies well into the future.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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