Getting Social With… Amanda Brunker

Written by Walsh:PR - July 2017

“Getting social with” is where we get to turn the tables and become journalists ourselves by sitting down with a familiar face to talk all things social!

This month we had the pleasure of working with columnist, author and former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker.

Amanda was working with us to launch Dr. Oetker Baking’s Faker To Baker Campaign, where we fooled Dubliners into thinking she was an expert baker at the Irish Village Market in Fitzwilliam Square. We set up “Brunker’s Bakes” and Amanda manned the stand pretending that she baked all the show-stopping cakes in the stall herself! To say we had a laugh filming with Amanda is an understatement!

Vital stats

Across the social media sites I have about 50,000 followers. Considering Jesus only had 12, I’m pretty happy with that.

How do you like your news in the morning?

I open my eyes and then Twitter every morning. Then I might check Instagram for something pretty to look at before I get up.

Broadsheet or tabloid?

I enjoy both. Though I find some of the broadsheets can be filled with a lot more BS than the tabloids.

Laptop, smartphone or tablet? 

Smartphone then laptop. My kids have stolen my iPads.

Favourite social media channel?

Twitter for politics and news. Instagram for nice pictures. Facebook to find out when my mates birthdays are. I still struggle with Snapchat. I love it but I can’t work it.

To tweet or not to tweet?

I absolutely Tweet. Though I tend to keep my random thoughts for other social networks.

What’s the story… Instagram or Snapchat?

As I mentioned, I find Snapchat hard to navigate. Instagram is so much easier.

No coffee table is complete without a copy of….

All my books are beside my bed. Reading is sadly now a luxury. I have about 20 books, mostly industry writing books beside my bed winking at me.

‘Like’ – what are your favourite things on/about social media?

I have no idea!

‘Dislike’ – pet peeves on social media?

Sadly it’s people always sharing their problems. A lot of people use Facebook for an example as therapy. Seriously folks, sometimes less is more. The world does not need to know all your problems.

What trend do you see taking off in your industry/social media over the next 12 months?

For my kids YouTube is LIFE. That is where they learn about the world. They have zero interest in TV, which saddens me.

What will your Facebook status read in 5 years’ time?

ALMOST FREE! I would like to think my kids are half reared at this stage. They won’t be gone in 5 years but I will have a lot more freedom.

And most importantly…. Most used emoji? 

Possibly the crying laughing emoji… followed immediately by the thumbs up emoji… both of those achieve a lot.

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