Getting Social With… Rosie Connolly

Written by Walsh:PR - August 2017

“Getting social with” is where we get to turn the tables and become journalists ourselves by sitting down with a familiar face to talk all things social!

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of working with one of Ireland’s leading bloggers, and now business owner, Rosie Connolly. Rosie enjoyed a romantic night in the Gibson Hotel with her hubby-to-be to promote the Gibson Date Night Special. As with everything Rosie does, it was a stylish affair.

Vital stats:

Insta – @rosieconxxx 147K

Snap – @Rosieconxxx 40K

FB – 66K

How do you like your news in the morning?

Social Media – of course!

Broadsheet or tabloid?


Laptop, smartphone or tablet? 


Favourite social media channel?


To tweet or not to tweet?

I’m not a huge fan of Twitter!

What’s the story… Instagram or Snapchat?

Snapchat! Although, I’ve been giving Insta stories a second chance lately.

No coffee table is complete without a copy of…. 

The Secret.


Street Style, Imagery, Instagram.



What trend do you see taking off in your industry/social media over the next 12 months?

I think video content is getting stronger and stronger.

What will your Facebook status read in 5 years’ time?

Hopefully that I am happily married and still loving what I do every day!

And most importantly…. Most used emoji? 

The laughing face emoji!

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