Getting Social with…Rozanna Purcell

Written by Walsh:PR - December 2017

“Getting social with” is where we get to turn the tables and become journalists ourselves by sitting down with a familiar face to talk all things social! This month had the pleasure of chatting to author and home cook Rozanna Purcell. We’ve loved working with Roz over the past two years on a number of campaigns for Flahavan’s. What’s the best part about working with Roz? Getting to taste all her delicious recipes! It’s safe to say we’re all a bunch of #naturalborneaters!

Vital stats:

Instagram – 211k

Twitter – 73k

How do you like your news in the morning?

Usually through social media. I’m always on the go so checking my phone while I’m on the move works best. It also means you can check multiple news sources too not just one.

Broadsheet or tabloid?


Laptop, smartphone or tablet?

I’m going to add in camera and go with that. I’ve lots of different cameras and use them everyday for food shoots. Through running a food blog and taking pictures of the food I create, I’ve developed a love of photography.

Favourite social media channel? 

Instagram – I’m a visual person. I love looking at photos.

To tweet or not to tweet?

Not to tweet – I’m not the biggest of fans!

What’s the story… Instagram or Snapchat?

Instagram all the time. I find the channel more user friendly and it’s the main channel I use for NBF.

No coffee table is complete without a…

A scented candle!


Connecting with people all over the world!


“The perfect image”- it’s so hard to look through Instagram without being bombarded with beautiful perfect body images I think it’s so refreshing to see people just be themselves and let down the barriers! There’s just no need to fake it!

What trend do you see taking off in your industry/social media over the next 12 months?

Well more video content is taking over across all industries!

What will your Facebook status read in 5 years’ time?

I never upload Facebook statuses- so if I start in 5 years time I hope it’s not some inspirational quote! – I can’t stand those.

And most importantly…. Most used emoji?

Excited face with tongue sticking out!

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