Leadership, Talent, Teamwork & Reputation – a magic combination

Written by Jim Walsh

Last December I contributed a blog about the amazing rise of Leicester City to the top of the UK Premier League and the lessons it had for business organisations.

I suggested at the time that you don’t have to be a flamboyant or aggressive manager to succeed and that it is not necessarily the resources you have, but how you use those resources that is important. In other words having a good leader and talented individuals is important but so is bringing the different talents together to work as a team.

Quality leadership is precisely what the Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri has brought to the success of the team which last night became Premier League champions for the first time in its 132 year history. Quietly spoken, calm and self-deprecating he has controlled expectations and taken a huge amount of pressure off his players.

Deciding to fly to Italy to have lunch with his 96 year old mother instead of waiting around for the match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs, which ultimately won the title for Leicester, shows that he is a man who values a balanced life and believes that there is little to be gained in wasting time worrying about things outside of your control.

Leicester’s success also shows business the value of not just having talent, but having a balanced team of talents. While the focus in the early part of the season was on the goal scoring exploits of Jamie Vardy and the exquisite midfield play of Rioyad Mahrez the real value of teamwork shone through in recent months. Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (son of legendary Man Utd goalkeeper Peter) was outstanding as was uncompromising defender Robert Huth and club captain Wes Morgan, a rock in the centre of the defence.

Back in December I wrote that unless you can deliver a consistently good service, in Leicester’s case for the whole season, your competitors will overtake you. Leicester were never overtaken.

The club’s success has also brought a new magic to Premier League football.

It is difficult to find a commentator or fan that begrudges Leicester’s success or a team which is so universally acclaimed for their achievement.

So in Leicester you have the type of organisation most businesses would aspire to, great people, a great product and a great reputation.

With those profitability will follow naturally.

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