New Year resolutions don’t have to be just for January

Written by Jim Walsh - January 2018

By now you will have realised whether or not your New Year resolution is happening or forgotten.

We all do it, exit the holiday break with the best of intentions.

But New Year resolutions don’t need to necessarily start in January.

I cheated last year by making my resolutions for 2018 back in September 2017 and gave myself 12 months to achieve them. I plan to take up yoga and return to cycling.

New Year resolutions don’t have to be just personal, they can also be business-related.

Making business-related resolutions can be like attending a motivational meeting or reading the biography of a well-known and successful business person.

There too, we start off with the best of intentions and brimming with enthusiasm. But no sooner are we back at our desks than the need to deal with immediate issues dissipates all the enthusiasm.

I have been there and done that with many business advice books and conferences.

I have compiled the lists, tried to confine answering emails to a specific time each day and tried to say ‘no’ more often.

But in a business environment where the ethos is totally focussed on clients, that is not always easy.

One self-motivational exercise I never took up or indeed introduced to Walsh:PR was one from the head of a large US insurance company who insisted his sales staff do every morning. That was to stand up with their assembled colleagues and at the top of their voices scream, “I feel good, I feel fine, I feel TERRIFIC.”

I once saw him try to motivate a young journalist after a press conference in that way. He somehow felt that the journalist was shy and needed such motivation. I will leave you to imagine the outcome.

This year for the first time in many years, one of my resolutions in the company will not happen in January.  At the start of very year I move to a new position in the office, it might be to a different desk in the same room or move to another room. It is something simple and can have a number of benefits. It is refreshing, prompts a decluttering and can surprise your colleagues.

The difficulty can be finding a free spot or persuading a colleague to swap with you.

This year it is not necessary because we are embarking on a refit of our offices and by June, we will all have a completely new-look working environment. One that reflects the rapidly changing environment in which PR firms work.

We are based in a beautiful Georgian building in the heart of Dublin. But like all buildings in Upper Mount Street built almost 200 years ago for residential use, it requires regular assessment to ensure that it is suitable for a modern business and yet maintains its unique character.

So this year I will fulfil my New Year resolution but just six months later than usual.

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