Pippa O’Connor & Suzanne Jackson ‘Most Admired’ by Fellow Irish Bloggers

Written by Maeve Governey

Majority of bloggers are women over 30 looking to share information & experiences.

Pippa O’Connor has been nominated ‘most admired Irish blogger’ followed closely by So Sue Me’s Suzanne Jackson in the latest survey conducted among bloggers in Ireland by Dublin PR firm, Walsh:PR. The survey was part of an international research project by IPREX, a global network of over 70 independent communications firms, of which Walsh:PR is the Republic of Ireland partner.

The IPREX Blogbarometer™ revealed that both internationally and at home blogging is dominated by women, with 83% of Irish bloggers being female. Gender dominance is reversed only in Germany and Slovenia where 60% of German respondents and 51% of Slovenian respondents are men.

Despite a perception of blogging as a hobby for a younger demographic, the majority of Irish bloggers surveyed (44%) are between the age of thirty and forty. This is in contrast to other countries surveyed where bloggers aged 18 to 25 were the most dominant group.

Beauty, fashion, food & beverage and parenting remain the most popular themes for Irish blogs and the majority of bloggers get inspiration from their own thoughts and experiences. This focus on lifestyle topics is replicated internationally. The number one reason people blog both in Ireland and internationally is ‘to share information and experiences’ and 76% of Irish respondents claimed that the greatest benefit of blogging is to simply enjoy the experience.

While 25% claim to earn money from blogging in Ireland, this is significantly lower than the European average of 49%. But blogging in Ireland is still highly valued as a career advancer with 42% of respondents saying that professional development is the primary goal for their blog and 27% using it as a means to grow their professional network.

According to the survey, social media is a key tool for bloggers in marketing and promoting their blog. All bloggers researched use one or more social media platforms with Twitter taking the top spot at 98%, followed by Facebook (94%), Instagram (77%), Pinterest (44%), and Snapchat (28%).

Speaking about the results, Caroline Heywood, Managing Director, Walsh:PR said: ‘Bloggers continue to broaden their influence and digital footprint by using a mix of social platforms to cross-promote their personal brand.  This has made their influence impossible for marketeers to ignore.

‘The purpose of this survey is to help businesses engage more effectively with the blogger community by helping them to understand what inspires and motivates them. Irish bloggers continue to engage positively with PR and marketing companies, with 85% saying they are happy to be contacted by businesses. But we also know from experience that maintaining their independence is a key consideration.’

Walsh:PR is the Republic of Ireland partner of IPREX, a network of over 70 independent communications firms throughout the world. The IPREX Blogbarometer™ took place among countries and regions across the world in December 2015. The Blogbarometer surveyed more than 2,100 bloggers based in China, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Spain and the United States of America.

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