Stepping into the shoes of a client

Written by Jim Walsh

Walsh Public Relations has spent the past 30 years putting our clients first.

As a result we have achieved a reputation as trusted advisors and providers of a first class and personal service to around 250 businesses and organisations over that time.

But we haven’t always fully articulated the value that we bring to the companies and organisations that seek our service.

That realisation came home to me over the past few months as we have been working on a new visual identity.  We found ourselves on the receiving end of excellent advice and service over a sustained six month period. Being in the shoes of a client for a change has provided us with a valuable insight into the effect the level of support, which we always seek to provide, can actually deliver.

It helped that we were working with a brand identity and advertising company that we were familiar with, had worked together with on projects and shared an ethos of providing excellent service delivery.

Their ability to look at our business with fresh eyes led to a ‘eureka’ moment. That was their recommendation to include in our new visual identity three words that describe what we do, but which we had not articulated so publicly.

Introducing a new look as Walsh:PR is the first step in a business plan to grow the company over the coming years. The new identity was chosen to reflect the new media landscape in which we have been working for a number of years; as well as celebrating the blend of talented, creative and professional experience that we bring to our clients’ communications programmes.

We are very proud of the crisp and fresh look of our marketing collateral and website.  Take a look at

And, oh yes, those three words – Communication, Innovation, Reputation.

It’s what we have always been about but now we shout it loud and clear.

And being reminded that having trusted external support can bring a refreshing new perspective to an issue has been an added bonus.

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