Walsh:PR InPerson Blog Shortlisted for Blog Award

Written by Tara Mulvany

We thought there was no better way to celebrate being shortlisted for an award by Blog Awards Ireland than to write a blog about it. The Walsh:PR InPerson blog has been on the go for over 4 years. It’s basically our personal views and professional perspectives on a range of topics related to the communications industry or set within a communications context.

Every member of the Walsh:PR team is encouraged to write a company blog, but naturally some are more active bloggers than others. We set out clear guidelines to ensure everyone knows the sort of topics to cover. We also encourage active participation in the conversation by sharing our blog on Twitter, LinkedIn, through our personal Facebook accounts and via IPREX, our international network of over 70 independent PR agencies worldwide.

Writing a corporate or company blog is completely different to writing a personal one. The tone and personality of the company has to come across and professional lines can’t be crossed no matter how personal the writer feels about the topic. But that doesn’t mean a company blog should lack passion and there’s nothing wrong with indulging in the occasional rant.

The best way to understand the mindset of a blogger is to become one yourself and as PR professionals we engage with the blogger community every day. We also conduct the IPREX Blogbarometer on the Irish market. This research is conducted concurrently among bloggers from 9 countries and regions across Europe.

It enables us to compare and contrast Irish and international blogging trends, topics, approaches and to track the evolution of blogging in Ireland. The research for 2015 will be coming soon.

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