Why Awards are Good for Business

Written by Caroline Heywood - March 2018

Awards are a cost effective and rewarding (but often overlooked) marketing tool for a business. We regularly encourage our clients to consider entering Awards as an integral part of their PR and Marketing strategy. There’s no better way to boost staff morale and pride, and it’s a legitimate opportunity to build the profile and reputation of your business.

No matter what the category, business, social, cultural or community-based, making the effort to put your business or people forward for an Award is never easy. But, if you win or are shortlisted, the pride and satisfaction makes up for the effort.

So why should any business or individual enter for an award? Obviously to win, but what does that really mean? Well, within your sphere of business or among your peers, it means that you are considered to be worthy of recognition.

Because winning an award:

  • gives the people working in an organisation a tremendous boost of confidence
  • even knowing that management have enough faith in the people to put the organisation forward is highly motivating
  • awards are also a great way to show customers and peers that the business is a force to be reckoned with
  • and they can be a great business marketing tool

The process of entering a submission in itself can have a positive impact. It forces you to analyse your business and compare it with competitors. This will obviously throw up the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities faced by the business. All of this can be used to refine your USPs and develop your brand and future strategy.

Even if you don’t win, a nomination can give your business considerable credibility, through a third party endorser. External endorsements are always good for business and enhance your reputation. Customers like the reassurance that they are buying from someone that has been independently vetted and acclaimed by others.

The Awards’ ceremony itself provides an opportunity to mix and build networks among industry peers and stakeholders. It also presents a PR opportunity particularly among sector or local media who are always looking for local success stories.

If you don’t win this time around, don’t lose heart. Keep your confidence and most importantly, learn from your experience for next year.  It may take an effort, but the staff motivation, incentive and boost to morale as well as the opportunity to generate positive PR, make it well worth it.

Photo source: startups.co.uk

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