Flahavan’s Case Study: Keeping Social from a Distance

Written by Maeve Governey - June 2020

As we all began to face unprecedented times together – but apart – and tried to stay safe by staying at home, the online world became a saviour to many, keeping us entertained, informed and connected.

As a nation we went back to our roots, to the most basic form of ourselves, or at least of what we had become. For brands such as Flahavan’s this was not the time for a hard sell, in fact porridge oats became one of those core ambient, nutritious and versatile staples that consumers rushed to include in their shopping basket. This was a time for gratitude, a time to support consumers as they adapted to the new norm and what better platform to do so than on social media. People now had time on their hands like never before, families recalibrated and looked for ways to fill the time at home, from baking and gardening to jigsaws, quizzes and everything in between. 

A Google trends report shows that there has been a 350% increase in people searching for ‘easy baking recipes’ in the last 90 days alone. More people than ever are baking for entertainment, comfort and enjoyment.

 As well as this, with the demands of remote working or home-schooling children, staying active now and developing life skills had never been more important. Keeping physically active proved vital for body and mind. Being active helps us cope with the anxiety of the global health pandemic. 

 We recognised these growing trends early on and worked with Flahavan’s to dial up social media and create content that would be relevant, engaging and act as an inspiration to followers. All the while highlighting the key elements of the Flahavan’s brand, which are more relevant now than ever before – local, family, wholesome nutrition, comfort, health and sustainability. 

Keeping in line with trends for working out and baking at home, we partnered with yoga instructors YogaMara and held live yoga classes once a week for 7 weeks with the message #NamasteAtHome and we collaborated with mum, photographer and foodie, Lili Forberg to create a series of family friendly oaty recipes. 

We dialled up the ‘Story’ function on FB and IG and turned up our prowess on this social function to engage with our followers at a time when they sought connection most – from polls to countdown timers.

We worked on the overall look and feel of Flahavan’s social media platforms to ensure they reflected and were in line with, not just the brand but current climate. We’ve ensured that our content in terms of recipes include simple kitchen cupboard staples as ingredients so as not to encourage unnecessary trips out. 

Not only have Flahavan’s tuned in on the nation’s mindset during these challenging times, but have connected and engaged with them too,  and made lots of new friends along the way.  #NameStayAtHome


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