Case Study: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Written by Michelle Duffy - June 2020

In his St. Patrick’s Day speech, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar reminded the nation that “not all heroes wear capes.” Not all heroes work on the healthcare frontline, yet are essential to communities across Ireland – workers such as ‘The Milkman.’

Online milk delivery service wanted to raise awareness about the important role of local milkmen and women in their communities during lockdown and ease any worries people may have had about access to groceries.

With a growing appetite for good news stories from both media and consumers, a traditional media relations campaign was undertaken to help share the experience of milkmen and women as essential workers.


The Milkman has always held a particular intrigue in Irish life. They are the heart of the community, continuing to deliver with essentials in the most difficult of conditions.  The milkman gives many a sense of security and someone to fall back on – as long as there is milk in the fridge, Irish homes feel a bit more secure!  

When Covid-19 social distancing restrictions came into force, many families found themselves worrying about access to groceries or worrying about providing for an elderly or cocooning family member. offered peace of mind that there would be someone checking in every couple of days, making sure there was everything from milk, eggs, juice and yoghurt in the fridge. is an online portal which allows customers to set up their orders with their local milkman and pay online, making it convenient for all. Many of these men and women have been providing a milk delivery service for  generations. The milkman has seen, heard and helped us through it all, but never has the service been more relevant and valuable for those consumers at this time.

Tapping into feelgood news trend, we targeted RTE Radio 1’s The Ryan Tubridy Show, Ireland:AM, The Sunday Times and TG4’s Hector Anseo to help share the experience of milkmen and women working tirelessly around the country to meet the new demand for the service. ‘Milk Agents’ shared nostalgic tales of milk rounds, their curbside experience working on the frontline and how interactions with customers have changed during Covid-19. 

From missing face-to-face contact, to phone calls with cocooning customers to just for a chat, the milk agents certainly showed themselves on the airwaves to be nothing short of heroes in their community.



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