To provide ongoing communications support to SVP’s in-house team and network of volunteers nationwide.


Walsh:PR has been providing full communications and national media relations support to SVP since 2009. This has included a 24/7 press office service; writing and dissemination of media releases, organising editorial coverage to support social justice, fundraising and other Society activities, such as scripting and producing videos and supporting web, social media and publication activities plus providing communications advice around governance issues.

Walsh:PR have been providing communications and national media relations support to SVP for [many] years and during that time, we have found them to be professional, responsive and readily available to deal with media issues and enquiries as they arise. They bring a wealth of experience combined with extensive contacts ensuring appropriate management of all media issues - be they proactive or reactive. They have developed an insight into the ethos and structures of the organisation and are adept at advising at both national and regional levels. This is particularly important for a members-led organisation ensuring a coherent, honest and consistent message is delivered. Andy Heffernan, National Secretary, SVP

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